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No Regrets

Making our last conversations last forever.

Simply discuss the questions below with your loved ones as you dive into hilarious stories you’ve never heard, insights that can heal old wounds and a connection you will never forget. 

"How would you define happiness?"

Things to remember...

  • Meaningful conversation has been scientifically proven to aid healing, reduce pain, decrease stress/anxiety/depression and considerably lift someone’s spirits, so keep going doctor!

  • Instead of just “interviewing” someone with a list of questions, always try to dig a little deeper, by asking for the details.

  • Research shows that loneliness can be the physiological equivalent to smoking 14 cigarettes a day, so let’s give people the best life possible while they are here.

  • If this is not something a person is used to doing, give them the questions in advance, so they can pick the ones they want to answer.

  • Trust the experts when they say these conversations are of monumental importance to our lives.

  • Don’t forget that even though you are asking the questions, it can add a lot of value if you answer the same questions too!

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