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human connection journey 

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"Popcorn Pause"

Ending meetings with a pop.

A five minute break at the end of a meeting is all you need to enjoy this fun, thought provoking and often hilarious moment of connection.

1 - Popcorn Pause

Tribe Building Event

When you have a little extra time, this might be the coolest hang session you’ve ever had with your colleagues.

2 Tribe Building
3 Human Trivia

Human Trivia Game

Want to learn some hilarious, heartwarming and even jaw dropping facts about the people you work with.  Now you can with The Human Trivia Game!

Personal Pause:

Intimate Interviews 

Want to attract the best talent?  You will when you separate yourself from the competition by adding the Personal Pause to your interview process!

4 Personal Pause

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are meant to help one person improve professionally. This resource will also help two people connect personally at the same time.

5 Performance Reviews

All Aboard!

Five onboarding experiences that increase productivity, establish a sense of belonging and ensure you retain the talent you worked so hard to attract.

Lunch & Laugh | Get Professionally Personal | The Mighty Mentor | The Buddy Program | First Day Festivus

6 All Aboard

Open Book Event

Everyone has a story they want to tell.  Imagine being the one who finally lets them tell it!

7 Open Book

Hello and Goodbye

Learn what life legends know, which is the secret behind saying hello and goodbye in a way people will never forget.

8 Hello & Good Bye

Passion Pause

The people within your organization are deeply passionate about many things, and this resource gives you the wonderful opportunity to discover what it is.

9 Passin Pause

Silo Jumping

When you’re ready to break down barriers, try out one of these four amazing resources.

Lunch Leader | Silo Soiree | Right To Gripe Event | Walk A Mile

10 Silo Jumping

Human Hot Spot

This resource provides you with the questions you need to create meaningful human connections anytime, anywhere.  Whether it’s in the boardroom, at your desk or during that upcoming conference, simply scan the code and watch as people instantly engage in powerful conversations.

11 Human Hot Spot

Connection Club

Being one of the most robust resources offered in the Tribe Certified program, this is for those serious about long term human connection.  Providing an ongoing opportunity for people to engage in powerful conversation, this monthly meetup ensures those relationships vital to ones professional and personal growth are continuously nurtured.

12 Connection Club

Date Night

Ask any expert and they will tell you that relationships begin to fall apart when couples stop connecting through their conversations.  On the rare occasion when intimate partners do carve out time for each other, it’s easy for them to find themselves talking about predictable subjects such as work, the kids and what needs attention within the house.  


With unique questions most couples don’t consider asking, the Date Night resource helps them quickly jump into those conversations that ensure those sparks keep firing now and into the future.

13 Date Night

Family Fun Time

Between soccer practise, dance recitals and making sure the teeth are brushed, most families have little time to connect.  And when they finally do, they don’t know what questions will best lead to meaningful conversation.  Whether it’s at the dinner table, during the drive to the cottage or just before bed, The Family Fun Time resource ensures that these precious moments together maximise the bonds being built.

14 Family Fun Time

No Regrets

The No Regrets Resource ensures that when a loved one passes, you aren’t left wondering how they felt about life’s most important questions.  By giving you access to thirty-two questions that people wished they had asked, this resource helps you have those powerful conversations today before it’s too late.

15 No Regrets

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