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"Get Real!" Challenge

Where leaders inspire their people to authentically connect at work, by going first and getting real during a powerful conversation with world renowned connection expert, Stuart Knight.

What's the "Get Real!" challenge?

It's Free!

All great leaders know that being real at work is important, but they don't always get the chance to put those words into action. This is an opportunity for you to give your people the courage to build personal relationships at work by being a shining example of how it's done.  Help them follow the real you!


  • Share heartwarming stories! 

  • Give a deeper perspective on what matters the most to you!

  • Talk about those real parts of your life that make you awesome!


True Leaders Go First!

  • They do what it takes to prove the mission statement isn't just a bunch of words on the website.

  • They step outside of the box to support their workplace culture.

  • They take the nontraditional path to promote an environment of belonging and inclusion.

  • The stand behind the relationships that drive organizational success.


"The best of life is conversation, and the greatest success is confidence, or perfect understanding between sincere people."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

How it works.

Get Real Challenge copy.png

Who gets to see your powerful conversation?

We at The Human Connection Group know your "Get Real" moment will have a positive impact on the lives of those you share it with.  For that reason, we want it to live right here on this website!  The people who visit The Human Connection Group are here to be inspired by people like you, so they too can begin building more meaningful relationships.  Those people consist of other business leaders such as yourself, all the way to new graduates that are learning about the importance of authenticity and belonging. 


Who you personally choose to share it with is entirely up to you.  Some share it with the immediate members of their team, while others share it with their entire organization.  And some go even further by sharing it with their entire network by posting it publicly on platforms such as Linkedin, because they are proud to promote the importance of connecting on a human level!  It's all about being part of a community of leaders who are showing up to change the world!

Still on the fence?  Consider this!


From increased collaboration, productivity and inclusion to decreased conflict, absenteeism and turnover, there is an overwhelming amount of empirical evidence showing personal human connections at work to be at the core of organizational success.  To see some of those jaw dropping stats click HERE.


Countless leaders know that building these social bonds at work is an essential step toward reaching high levels of success, and yet are painfully aware that not everyone does it.  The "Get Real" Challenge is the perfect opportunity to open up a greater dialogue about embracing meaningful connections, and how they can be incorporated as a daily practice.  

By the way, The "Get Real" Challenge is also part of our Tribe Certified Program.  You can learn more about that HERE.  And don't forget to sign up below before leaving this page!

Take a leap of faith.
Show leadership in action!

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