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No Regrets

Connect because you can.


There is nothing better than a meaningful human connection.  Learning the intricate details of a person's life, listening to their wild adventures and getting their take on important topics is an invaluable experience for everyone involved.


For that reason, The More More created The Bond experience to facilitate the most important conversations life has to offer now before the eventual day where we no longer can.  By creating Human Hot Spots, we give those living in palliative care, hospices or with an aging loved one access to "on the spot" questions that create intimate moments of laughter, reflection, love and connection. 


Whether it’s amongst friends at a retirement home, between a nurse and patient in a healthcare facility, or while a father and son share a beer at the end of the dock, this experience gives people the conversation they yearn for, while providing profound mental and physical benefits.


It’s an investment in life.  Now and forever.

How Does It Work?

Invite your loved one to having a meaningful conversation with you. Below you will find questions to discuss. Spend as long or as short amount of time on each question but make sure you explore the why's behind each answer. All questions have been designed by communication expert, Stuart Knight, and will lead participants to a healthy, loving and meaningful connection.


Here Are Your No Regret Questions!


How would you define happiness?

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