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Human Trivia Game

Connect because you can.


As you probably know, we at the Human Connection Group happen to think people are pretty darn fascinating.  When you choose to use this resource, you will see what we mean as it quickly allows you to learn people’s hidden talents, most embarrassing moments and hilarious stories.  It’s a super fun game that lets your group share with each other on a whole new level, while bringing them closer together in the process.

How does it work?

To begin, you will need to assign one person to be the game master.  This individual has sole access to the answers that were submitted in advance, and acts as a “ring leader” for the event.  They will be asking the various trivia questions, and then revealing the answers to see who got it right.


Keep in mind that this event works in both the live and the virtual setting.  In either case, just remember that this experience is meant to be light, casual and fun!  For that reason, how people submit their answers is entirely up to you.  In a live setting, if you want everyone to yell out their answer at the same time, go for it!  If you want to go around the room, and let people answer individually with an explanation as to why they answered the way they did, that too can be a lot of fun.  This approach also works if you are playing your game virtually, and haven’t chosen the chat board as your tool for seeing people’s answers. The magic in making this experience a success is by letting participants have a chance to talk and share throughout the event.  


For example, let’s say one of the trivia questions is, “Which team member once tripped over their shoe laces in front of Lady Gaga”.  After the answer has been revealed, give people a chance to talk, because Mark from Accounting might say, “My answer was Jasmine because I know she used to sing professionally, before working here.”  By giving Mark the chance to chim in, it allows the rest of your team to learn something new about Jasmine, even though she wasn’t the one who actually tripped in front of Lady Gaga.  These moments will lead to further connections beyond the game itself, as colleagues naturally ask Jasmine about her time as a professional singer during interactions they have with her weeks after the game.


You Make Up The Rules!

Like we said above, how you enjoy your Human Trivia Game is up to you, but please allow us to offer a few suggestions that may help.  


  • We have provided some fun trivia questions below to get you started, but by all means feel free to add your own questions.  

  • The amount of time you give colleagues to discuss and banter with each other after an answer to a trivia question is revealed is up to you. One question by itself can spark a fun conversation between your group lasting a long time, so if connections are happening, don’t get in the way.  This won’t be your last Human Trivia Game!

  • Let people tell their story.  When answers are revealed, it will give participants a chance to expand by giving further details.  For example, if the question was, “What person in the group has dined with royalty”, when everyone finds out that it was Malcolm, allow him time to share the story of what happened.  

  • While that person tells their story, apply the skills you learned in the course by remembering the importance of things such as body language, eye contact, active listening, asking good questions, and more.


Human Trivia Questions

(Feel free to add your own to the list!)

  1. Have you had a near death experience?  

  2. Have you ever stolen something that was more than $10?

  3. Have you ever been more than 50 feet underwater?

  4. Have you ever given a speech to a group of 500 or more people?

  5. Have you ever created your own joke?

  6. Have you ever begun writing a book, but didn’t finish?

  7. Have you ever given really bad advice to someone who took it?

  8. Do you have a hidden talent that other people would be impressed by?

  9. Have you ever met someone that was sentenced to more than twenty years in jail?

  10. Does anyone call you by a pet name today?  If so, what is it?

  11. Have you ever fallen down a set of stairs as an adult?

  12. Have you ever peed your pants in public as an adult?

  13. Have you jumped into water from a height that was at least thirty feet?

  14. Have you ever attended a major awards show?

  15. Have you ever received a standing ovation?

  16. Have you ever been mortified on a first date?

  17. Have you ever thought about committing a crime?

  18. Have you ever told a lie to get something you wanted?

  19. Have you ever snuck into a party you weren’t invited to?

  20. Have you ever cut the line and pretended you didn’t know you did?

  21. Have you ever lost more than a thousand dollars?

  22. Have you ever seen a ghost or a spirit?

  23. Have you ever solved a major problem?

  24. Have you ever met someone famous enough that paparazzi often follow them?

  25. Have you ever eaten in a restaurant where your personal portion of the bill was more than $250.

  26. Have you ever flown a plane?   

  27. Have you ever been in a plane that you thought was going to crash?

  28. Have you ever had a meltdown in public?

  29. Have you ever held more than 100k in your hands at one time?

  30. Have you ever witnessed a major crime taking place?

Wrapping up

A key thing to remember when using this resource is that the game is meant to spark conversation.  It’s not about flying through the questions, and being finished in five minutes, but instead is about playing with the intention of finding new ways to connect.

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