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Human Hot Spot

Real time connection points at work and home.

A Rare Moment When Technology Connects Us

What is a Human Hot Spot?

Using QR code technology, a Human Hot Spot is a direct link to questions that help people make the human connections that are vital to our professional success and personal happiness.  Whether it's at work, during a conference or at the family dinner table, Human Hot Spots give participants access to rotating questions that spark the real conversations we all really need.

How it works.

Human HOt Spot How It Works copy.png

Where should we establish Human Hot Spots?

Human Hot Spots can be posted wherever people meet.  Whether it's virtually or in person, it's about giving quick and easy access to the kinds of questions that seamlessly create connections through powerful conversation.  We have everything from questions that spark deeper exchanges at work, to more meaningful connections in your personal life.  Check out a few suggestions below of great spots to place your QR codes.

Once the QR code is scanned, you are instantly greeted by questions that lead to greater connection.

Check out a few example questions that participants will see.  

How would you define happiness?

Sample questions at work...

What adventure brought you the most value in life?

Sample questions at home...

New questions posted all of the time!

Modern Work Space

"One conversation can change your life. The right ones will shape it."

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