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  • How do I grow my club?
    For people with limited networks, we give you the tools and strategies to expand the size of your Connection Club.
  • What's the time commitment?
    Once your Connection Club is established, the time commitment is one monthly meeting, lasting 1-2 hours (depending on time constraints), at a time agreed upon by your group.
  • Where does the club meet?
    While we encourage you to meet in person, it's totally cool to do this virtually too. All that really matters is that you are bringing people together to grow, learn and expand. For that, let us just say thanks for being you!
  • How do I promote this to others?
    When you start inviting members to your club we will make you look like a pro by providing you with slick marketing materials to send out.
  • What should the group size be?
    Your Connection Club can be as big or small as you would like it to be.
  • What if I am an introvert?
    You do not have to be extroverted, outgoing or a "Type A" personality to lead your own Connection Club. You only have to believe that meaningful human relationships are important.
  • How many people will be attending?
    This is an intimate event and therefore space is limited.
  • Can I share accommodations with other attendees to save money?
    Yes you can. When registering for this event, you will be asked about your interest in sharing accommodation with others. We will be making introductions between those who want to save a little cash.
  • Can I get there by transit?
    Absolutely. The venue will be easily accessible by transit.
  • Is there accommodations close by?
    It's NYC! There will be accommodation within a stones throw of all directions of the venue. All attendees will be given a list of affordable options close by.
  • Do I get personal time?
    Yes, you absolutely get personal time. Activities taking place outside of the conference are optional.
  • Where in NYC is this taking place?
    The venue will be located within central Manhattan, and will be chosen based on the amount of space required by the cut off date for registration. We have tentative holds on multiple locations, and will be choosing our final venue based on numbers after registration closes.
  • What is the food like?
    We are proud to be serving high quality healthy dishes for lunch and when appetizers are offered at extra curricular events. Vegetarian options will also be provided.
  • Will there be WIFI available on site?
    You will have access to wifi throughout the event.
  • Do I have to have a COVID vaccine?
    In conjunction with state laws, you are not required to be vaccinated against Covid to attend this event.
  • Do I have to be vaccinated to enter the United States from other countries?
    Depending on where you are coming from we encourage you to check the rules of entry closer to the time of travel.
  • What are some sample topics for discussions?
    Like all powerful conversations, Stuart will follow the road wherever it goes. However, we care about the topics that help you go deeper and gain greater clarity on the most important aspects of life. Whether that be family, friendship, intimate relationships, adventure, career, health and wellness, etc. you will gain insight on topics that are most important to you at that time in your life.
  • Can I explore New York City during the conference?
    Heck ya! The organizers of this event live in NYC and will be offering attendees a list of cool things to do from the cheesy touristy stuff to the gems that only New Yorkers know about!
  • What about introverts in our organization taking the course?
    The content within the Tribe Certified Program has been presented live all around the world. Yes, the extroverts love it, but we get an extra warm and fuzzy feeling when the introverts tell us how much it changed their lives!
  • Is the course cell phone, iPad, and desktop compatible?
    Absolutely! The Tribe Certified content can be consumed however you want, wherever you want.
  • Can people take the course at their own pace or is it scheduled?
    Everyone from your organization will be gin the course together. Each individual will have 1 week to watch the video and complete a short assignment. For the most part, people can take this course at their own pace within each week. There are a few sections that will be presented to the group at the same time, but from there they can login and view the videos at a time that best fits their schedule that week. We do expect participants to at least complete each week's material before the new session is sent out the following week.
  • Will we have the course access for life?
    Yes! You will always be able to login with your email and password.
  • What technical skills and requirements do I need to take the course?
    As long as your device allows you to watch videos and download PDF exercises, you're good to go!
  • What is the communication process like between HCG and our company throughout the duration of the course?
    From the very beginning our communication is clear, concise and to the point. Using slick design, motion graphics and an array of multimedia tools, our communication is fun, engaging and easy to navigate. Each week, during the three month program, participants will receive messages directly to their inbox with simple to follow instructions that seamlessly guide them through the program step by step.
  • How does the course break down? Is it all video based? Are there audio recordings too? Do participants have a lot of reading to do? What does homework look like?
    At The Human Connection Group, we are fully aware that we live in a world where people expect to consume their content in a format that is engaging, entertaining and fun. That's why the Tribe Certified Program is offered through a series of short videos that use motion graphics to keep the viewers attention from the beginning to the end. Each video is followed up with easy to digest exercises that work seamlessly into a person's day, and do not require the participant to add extra time to what they are already doing. We don't see it as homework, but rather look upon it as an opportunity to up their game in the conversations they are already having.
  • What kind of support is available throughout the course?
    When you need us, we're here for you. We operate out of NYC, which puts us in the Eastern Time Zone, so if you have a question drop us an email, or give us a call and a member of our team will get back to you almost immediately. At most, you'll never wait more than 24 hours for an answer to your question.
  • How much of my time will I have to dedicate per week on the course?
    We know that you are busy, which is why the course content is offered in snack bites that are quick and easy to consume. Each weekly video is about fifteen minutes in length, and the corresponding exercises are meant to enhance the conversations you are already having, so there isn't any extra time added to your day/week.
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